man-consideringThe blue diamond is, of course, the colour and shape of the oral ED treatment known as Viagra. It has been tried and tested over many years and remains the most popular treatment for ED (erectile dysfunction- failing to obtain or maintain a penile erection during sexual activity). What do you need to consider before using the drug?

Firstly you need to decide whether to obtain your prescription for the drug from your local GP, or from an online consultation. The online consultation can seem a bit distant and removed because it usually takes the form of a questionnaire which is then considered by a medically qualified doctor who may seek further information from you. I prefer to go to my GP because I’ve known him for ages, and he is well aware of my medical history. On the first occasion we talked for nearly 15 minutes about my ED and the possible side effects of Viagra. I found this really helpful and since then, I get repeat prescriptions for the drug without needing to trouble him.

Another consideration is the price. Unless you can have the tablets for free on the NHS (for example if you suffer from Diabetes)you may find the drug quite pricey. It can be cheaper to buy the drugs online, especially if you buy in bulk. But is the online pharmacy genuine and is it selling genuine Viagra? Sadly, like any online businesses, there are some who may try to swindle you. The way to avoid this is by doing some research and making sure you use your credit card rather than your debit card, which can give you some protection against online fraudsters. Does the site have a registered address, a customer help line and detailed descriptions of the drugs it sells? Do they insist that you have a prescription (they should do!)?

Next, what strength of the drug do you require? Your GP probably advised you start with a low dose. The more active ingredient in the pill, the more it will cost. If it doesn’t have the desired effects, try the next higher dosage. But you must never take more than one pill in any 24 hour period.

Finally, there’s the delivery time to consider if you are buying online. Ask where the tablets are being sent from and how long it will take to arrive. I’ve had them sent from India, Hong Kong and Canada- and in one case it took two weeks for them to arrive. If you can’t wait, then take your prescription to your local pharmacy and you’ll be given them in next to no time!

Cialis was not designed to improve the quality of orgasms or indeed make it easier to have an orgasm (or “cum” in modern parlance). The purpose of the drug is to allow blood to flow more easily into the penis and through a number of chemical reactions, allow an erection to be achieved and maintained so as to allow penetrative sex (or other forms of sexual activity).

In one sense, of course, the drug will help you towards an orgasm. It is not possible to stimulate the end of the penis when not erect. Only when it is erect will there be the possibility of an orgasm.Reading internet forums and talking with doctors, there are some men who swear that they can ejaculate more quickly when they’ve had the drug, and some who even say that they produce more semen (not sure what that signifies if anything!) It could be that because the penis is harder, there is more blood there and the tip becomes more sensitive, and therefore the likelihood of an earlier orgasm is there.

The failure to achieve an orgasm is a separate issue from erectile dysfunction (ED), and is known as orgasmic dysfunction (OD). In some recent studies it was found that taking the drug (10 or 20 milligrams) was associated with a significant increase in ejaculatory and orgasmic function in some men, including those with ED and OD.

There can be other factors at work. Because the drug does what it says on the tin in the majority of cases, men feel more confident about sexual activity, tend to engage in it more often than when they suffered from ED, and “let themselves go” more with their partner. That means being perhaps more experimental (role play, trying different techniques etc) and that can lead to a more explosive orgasm, simply because the men are enjoying something new! It’s this new-found confidence that stems from a sense of relief when they find that they can “perform” in the bedroom with their partner that is a great boon not only to the man, but also his partner. She can feel loved and wanted and sexually attractive again. It can actually take relationships to a new level.

happy-manMuch chatter has been given to the condition of erectile dysfunction along with plenty of ads on what can help.  Many men are too embarrassed to even broach the topic with their doctor as so much of a man’s self-esteem is tied to his performance in the bedroom.  It is no wonder that so many suffered in silence and lived with making excuse after excuse was to why “tonight was not the night” for them and their partners.  With so many products on the market today all claiming to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction, what really does work and where do you get it?  Below is some information to your questions.

What is Tadalafil?

It is the generic name for Cialis.  It is an oral, prescription drug taken for treatment of impotence, otherwise classified as erectile dysfunction.  This condition occurs because nitric oxide is released in the penis when sexual arousal prompts the body to act.  As nitric oxide is introduced to the penis, it causes the enzyme guanylate cylcase to produce cyclic guanosine monophosphate or cGMP into the body which increases the size of the blood vessels in the penis which creates an engorgement of blood to the area causing an erection. When the male body starts to produce another enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5, this enzyme works against the production of cGMP, thus counteracting the biochemical chain reaction that would normally cause an erection.  It works to prohibit phosphodiesterase-5 from being produced so the body is then restored to function normally during sexual stimulation and increase the longevity of an erection when they do occur.

Will Tadalafil Work for Me?

For a healthy man who is not currently taking medications for any prolonged health concerns this treatment is perfectly fine to take. Be aware that its effects are therapeutic not curative, meaning you will be taking this medication every time you desire to be sexually active, it does not cure the dysfunction, it treats it.  For those men who are considered heart patients, it can have some ill or even fatal side effects. Those taking nitrates for angina should avoid taking it as it can cause chest pain even heart attack.  Always discuss and be honest with your doctor about any medications you are taking so that a proper prescription can be decided upon.  Also, men who are taking certain high blood pressure medications are cautioned about taking this medication.  Those who are on certain anti-seizure medications, anti-viral medications and antibiotics must discuss this medication with their doctor as these medications can either increase or decrease the effects of the medication and elevate the risk of side effects.  Never take any medication that is not prescribed to you because of the risk of ill effects when not properly prescribed by a physician who knows your full medical history and how to prescribe it to you with those concerns in mind.  Tadalafil is a wide-used medication for treating erectile dysfunction, can buy online at It is FDA approved, highly effective and frequently prescribed by physicians every where.

Since 1998 Pfizer has exercised its patent on the sale of sildenafil citrate in the UK, the USA and most other countries which has meant that we have got used to the blue diamond-shaped pill with the words Pfizer on it, being used as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). While there is no doubt that upon its introduction is was heralded as a wonder drug; it did what it said on the label. For over 80% of men it helped achieve and maintain a healthy erection, capable of sustaining or rekindling the pleasures of sex that often wane with the onset of the years. But while the pill gave you a pocket rocket in terms of satisfying you and your partner, your pocket rapidly wilted at the cost- between £5 and £10 per pill. That’s a lot to pay unless you were lucky enough to get it on the National Health Service free of charge. And of course the NHS had to pay Pfizer for the drug, so it was quite a drain on scarce NHS resources. Government guidelines mean only men who are suffering from specified conditions – such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis – or who have mental issues associated with failure to achieve an erection such as the much interpreted and reinterpreted “severe distress” are allowed to have it prescribed free on the NHS.

But all that is changing. On 21 June Pfizer’s patent on the sale of Viagra in the UK expired. In a nutshell, that means that other companies can now legitimately manufacture ED pills using the active ingredient that was in Viagra- Sildenafil Citrate. The ubiquitous blue lozenge that was at first sniggered at, then embraced by a generation of men who found that it worked for them marks the end of over a decade of market dominance by Pfizer.

The high price of Viagra brought about other unwelcome effects apart from the damage to men’s wallets. Put in “Viagra” online and as well as the legitimate pharmacies that will provide the genuine article after an online consultation or production of a GP’s prescription, you’ll find a variety of sites offering to supply the drug in a generic form, or a herbal equivalent. These are fakes and can be potentially dangerous. Some were even found to have rat poison mixed in with paracetamol! Those with certain heart conditions should consult a GP or a pharmacist before taking the drug or some dodgy imitation anyway, because it can be harmful. Stick with legitimate sites that have qualified clinical staff for consultation and supply the real article.

As mentioned before, the active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil citrate. And that is now available to other manufacturers in or outside the UK, to begin supplying pills containing it, at a fraction of the cost of Viagra.

At last it seems that men who suffer from ED and who want active and fulfilling sex lives will not have to allocate part of their budget (in many cases their pension) to enjoy that side of life to the full.

With the discovery of Viagra a revolution occurred. A second revolution is about to start. Cheap, safe and proven ED treatment for those who want it!


questionsErectile dysfunction is a disease without seemingly any causes. Almost anyone can experience it at any time, no matter their overall health. There are, however, a few factors that most certainly play a role in whether or not you will have erectile dysfunction. Here, we have gathered together a few reasons that may lie behind your sexual issue. Hopefully, these issues may give you an idea or two about how to talk to your doctor or partner about what you are currently experiencing. Read on to find out more about this issue, and what just a few of the underlying causes may be:

Other Illnesses or Issues

This is one of the biggest reasons you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction. There are several illnesses or issues that may manifest themselves through erectile dysfunction. These include diabetes, neurological issues, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Patients who are struggling with addiction to drugs, food (obesity), and alcohol may also have sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction. If you already have one of these issues or illnesses, and suddenly develop erectile dysfunction, you should see your doctor immediately. Chances are, you should be treated for the illness and issue, as well as erectile dysfunction.


Age can, of course, also play a bit of a role in erectile dysfunction. After the age of 50 or so, men are more likely to develop sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction. Even with this in mind it is important to know that; overall, erectile dysfunction can affect any man, any age. In no way is this issue strictly limited to older men. Although some younger men may be hesitant to admit they have an issue like erectile dysfunction, it is important that they understand it can and does happen to younger men.


Stress, anxiety, and depression used to be the biggest reason why doctors thought many men had issues with erectile dysfunction. However, they now know that around 90% of issues with erectile dysfunction also have a physical cause, as well. Nonetheless, if you feel as if this is an issue with you, you should see a doctor. Chances are they can prescribe some medicine for you to help reduce stress, depression, or anxiety, or they may be able to give you tips on how to handle such issues in your daily life. Handling stress more effectively may help to prevent erectile dysfunction.